Travis Tillery – Resume

travis_tillery_pharmedTravis Jarreau Tillery
P.O. Box 645
Miami, Florida 33137
Cell Phone: (786) 972-9120 E-mail:


I am responsible and dedicated at all community outreach programs since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.) I have a B.A. in Economics: course work associated with healthcare costs in many areas: FDA approval of New Drugs and the high pricing to offset research costs, Approval processes for Generic Drugs, and Healthcare-Plan costs: Co-pay, Deductibles. Group insurance, etc. As a Music Specialist, I have inspired many with the great power of music to motivate, energize, and change many minds for the better.


OBJECTIVE: To work in the legal field, allowing me to improve access to legal services
for the underrepresented and impoverished community


Law School, Nova South Eastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Education in 4th Amendment and Negotiable Contracts (Summer, 2011.)

Economics (B.A.), University of Miami, Miami, Florida, 2010.

Internship Training Program, Adler Realty Investment, Inc., Miami, Florida (Summer, 2007)

Real Estate, Gold Coast School of Real Estate, Miami, Florida, 2006..
Florida International University, Miami, Florida.2004-2005, Fall 2007.

Graduate, Ransom Everglades High School, Coconut Grove, Florida, 2004.


Real Estate Associate, Florida.


TilleryPharm.Ed /Community Education Services, Inc. Miami Fl.- Founder/CEO/ Financial Officer: I coordinate the financial investments and project development a new pharmacy and healthcare educational company, Nov. 2012 -Present.

I am a author, of “Little Synthesizer, ” November 2012, published Nov. 2012 under the publishing company, Community Education Services, Inc, (of which I am the President.) This book explains the role of music as a “Digital Health Therapy.”

Revenue Management Solutions, Tampa, FL – Analyst: My work is similar to that of a Business Economic Analyst. I create regression models and projections for local and national restaurants, Sept, 2011 to Nov.2012.

Work with MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter to publish my music globally. Work is ongoing to be able to publish on iTunes and Amazon, May 2010 -Present.

Executive producer of critically acclaimed albums, created with colleagues and local producers, May 2010 -Present.

Worked on my own albums: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Exxperiments,” “Prima Facie-EP,” and  ”Force of Wonder (Coming 4/2/13),” under the record label, Community Education, Inc. Miami (of which I am the Presidet).

Worked as Composer, Vocalist, song writer, synthesizer, and drummer, May 2010 -Present.

Worked with singer from Jahfe (global music group), August 2010.

Leading innovator in the genres of Contemporary Electronic music as well as Ambient, and Pop music, May 2010 -Present.

Adler Realty Services, Miami, Florida – Internship in Commercial and Rental properties, June 2007 -Aug. 2007.

Moyna Properties, Inc., Miami, Florida – Sales Associate, Rental Specialist, assisted in monthly newsletter, marketing in Belle Glade, Sept.2007 -Oct 2008.

Varki Cancer Foundation at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida – data storage and retrieval May 2006-2007.

Co-Founder: Community Health Awareness, Inc. Miami, Florida – Held seminars at churches, schools, and auditoriums on safety and drug awareness. Guest on local WLRN Cable Shows (1996). Worked with community leaders, for example, Judge Wendall Graham, Sept. 1993-present.


Music Performance, South Florida Writer’s Association 3rd Mango Festival, Plantation, FL. February, 2013.

Participation in the Miami International Book Fair, November, 2012.

Music Performance: Local Miami and Tampa Social Clubs, 2010- 2012.

Choir Performance at University of Miami, and Channel 23 TV promoting awareness of the Earthquake victims in Haiti, 2010.

University of Miami Rugby Team, 2009-2010.

Contributor, Backsplash Magazine, University of Miami, Miami, Florida, 2005.


South Florida Writer’s Association, Miami, Florida, Jan. 2012- present.

The Recording Academy, Florida Chapter Billboards, 2010-2012.

Volunteer/Community Service
Community Education Services: Music and Manuscript compositions for community awareness on health and social justice., 2010 -Present

Idol’s Gym, Miami, Florida, routine maintenance of equipment, June 2006-Dec. 2006.

Volunteer as needed to Hurricane and disaster victims1992-present.


Full tuition remission at the University of Miami, 2008-2010.

75% tuition remission at the University of Miami, 2006-2007.

Full tuition award at Florida International University, North Campus, 2004-2005.

Dean’s list at Florida International University,2004.