Travis Tillery



University of Miami
Bachelor of Arts, Major: Economics, Minor: Anthropology and Music Industry
2005 – 2010
Cause of Smoking Among College Students 2008
Gender Focus in Marketing and Pricing Strategies of Vitamins at Local Supermarkets and Nutrition outlets 2009
Chinese Food Paper and Video 2009
Cultural Practices among Rastafarians, Middle-Easteners, West Indies and South America
Activities and Societies: Economics: Contemporary Corporate Analysis of the Labor Market: Economics of Personnel, Money Banking, Constant Money Growth Econometrics. Estimators using Regression models of Statistics an variables: Probability, Covariance and Correlation Anthropology: Evolution of Modern Life and comparison to Primates (97% of human genes): Genetics, Social Aspects, Biology, Food, Behavior, and Adaptability per Darwin’s Theory. Music Industry: Copyright, Publishing, Royalties, Unions and Law


Revenue Management Solutions
Computer: Excel, Word, Power-Point, Access, Share-Point, SQL, and Programming.
I work as an Analyst similar to a Clinical Economist: Merchandising Efficiency Trends, Store Sensitivities, Sales/Profit Decomposition, Marketing and Real Estate.
Working with a team, I create non-linear regressions models using statistical data which project and estimate monthly economic returns through pricing for over 100 of stores of one of the world’s largest fast-food restaurants. 
I communicate succinctly verbally and electronically with owners and managers: Nested Queries, Interpretation of Progress Analysis, Performance Standards of Total Revenue, Price Discriminates, Price Blocking


Audio Recording Music Engineer
February 2004 – Present (9 years) global
Performances at Orpheum, Tampa and ABC global TV; work with Reverbnation, Miami Music TV, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter to publish music globally reaching millions. Work on-going to publish on iTunes and Amazon
Music Video publicity by Brian McKnight at Music Media, broadcasted on ABC global TV by Miami Music TV
Executive Producer of critically acclaimed albums with colleagues and local producer, like Jahfe,
Leading innovator in genres of Contemporary Electronic Music as well as POP and ambient


President of Communication Education Services and Author: Monthly Contributor of Articles
September 1993 – Present (19 years 5 months) Globally from Miami Florida
Health and Education Outreach to over 600 million on Facebook 
Seminars at Schools, Churches and WLRN Cable TV. Worked with Community Leaders such as Judge Wendell Graham
media: Miami Times and Miami Herald
Awards: Twice nominated for the Prestigious Miami Herald Spirit of Excellence Award
Books being Edited: Child of the Eternal Light, Music as Digital Therapy, and Chinese Food


South Florida Writer’s Association, Miami, Florida, Jan. 2012- present.

The Recording Academy, Florida Chapter Billboards, 2010-2012.

Volunteer/Community Service
Community Education Services: Music and Manuscript compositions for community awareness on health and social justice., 2010 -Present

Idol’s Gym, Miami, Florida, routine maintenance of equipment, June 2006-Dec. 2006.

Volunteer as needed to Hurricane and disaster victims1992-present.


Full tuition remission at the University of Miami, 2008-2010.

75% tuition remission at the University of Miami, 2006-2007.

Full tuition award at Florida International University, North Campus, 2004-2005.

Dean’s list at Florida International University,2004.