Dr. Donna Tillery, Pharm. D.- Resume



Donna Alexis Tillery 

Dr.Donna Alexis Tillery, B.S. Pharm.D. “I am a Florida licensed pharmacist CEO and Executive Director with over 35 years expertise in Research, Pharmacy Clinician, Rph. Ph.C. Retail, and Hospital pharmacy. What makes me unique is being inquisitive, tenacious and relentless in finding solutions to problems. My goal is to provide consistently high quality patient care by accurate assessments of patients’ therapy, while becoming an awareness resource to healthcare workers. I look forward to helping you towards a healthier life!”


Provide consistently high quality patient care by accurate assessments of patients’ therapy, and becoming a resource to healthcare workers. Additionally to provide cost-effective wellness initiatives for employers to enhance productivity while maintaining a high integrity under Federal and State laws, OSHA, JCAHO, HIPPA and other Patient Privacy Acts. All care is provided with compassion. Also to provide thorough medication error prevention.



donna_tillery_tillerypharmedContinuing Education Courses, The Pharmacy Letter, Stockton, California,2005-Present

“Unbiased Evidence and Recommendations for The Pharmacist on New Developments in Drug Therapy,” Black Box Warning, Medication Errors, New Drugs, Drug interactions, Federal and State Laws, and Patient Privacy Protection 

Residency Training Program, Jackson Health Care Systems, Miami, Florida; Pharmacy Management: Formulary development, accreditations requirement, cost-containment innovations, legal considerations, feasibility studies of therapy modalities and the importance of Pharmacokinetics,1983-1984 

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA, Pharmacy, 1981: In-depth study of therapy outcome for nuclear effected WWII veterans on the brain, kidney, and liver. 

Pharmacy (B.S.) Columbia University, New York, New York, Pharmacy 1976: Physiology, pharmacology, and Pharmacognosy, Compounding, etc. Health Sciences (B.S), 1975, Columbia University, New York, New York, 1975, Advanced Studies: Calculus III, Physics III, Pharmacology III, Graduate Studies (Statistics and Pharmacy Administration) Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, Dobbs Ferry, New York,1977



Florida Board of Pharmacy Licensure, New York Board of Pharmacy Licensure (inactive), California New York Board of Pharmacy Licensure (inactive)


Computer: Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Intellidose, Power Point, Microsoft Excel & Word 



Miami, Florida-Founder & CEO: my job is to provide quality care by utilizing my greater than 35 years experience in documented interventions and patient counseling to ensure education and outreach programs, conduct accurate assessments in medication therapy management face-face and using user-friendly technologies; Programs for Employers to improve productivity and employee wellness. This service will comply with all regulations of JCAHO, OSHA, U.S. Dept of Labor, National Safety Board, Medication Error and Disease Prevention, etc. 11/27/2012 to present (developmental phase) 

www.donnatillery.com, 4/ 2012-present, global teaching of health and educational topics through monthly online articles to enhance life, reaching billions through Facebook and other Social Media 

Community Education Services/Community Health Awareness, Co-Founder/ Vice-President,1993-present, organized seminars at schools, churches and community venues to heighten awareness of risk factors of diseases; drug use and safety 

Published, “Little Knowledge” 10/2012 through Community Education Services, via Amazon and all social media. I participated in the International Book Fair, Miami Florida, November 2011 & 2012 

Author of several books at editor: ” Nutrition: From Farm to Pharmacy,” (publishing date is early 2013) “Cumbe,” “No Country For Old Women,” to name a few. 

Host and Producer of TV show 1995-present. WLRN cable shows aired in English and Spanish. Many renowned community leaders participated: Judge Wendell Graham, Drs. Blyden, Chan and Coy, Travis Jarreau. 

Leading innovator as a synthesist for drug information, after scientific research. 



COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTER, Miami, Florida. Pharmacist, June 2nd, 2002 to 11/27/2012

Computer: Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Intellidose, Power Point, Microsoft Excel & Word 

Professional Expertise provided to: Drs. Goodwin, Benedetto, Y. and E. Ahn, Lossos, Feun, Tolba, Rosenblatt, Patin, Ardalan, Arnold, Periera, Raez, Trent, Sword to name a few Head N urses: Cabrera & Bradley, Charge Nurse Marcia Johnson, to name a few

Departmental Service: Stem Cell Transplant, Pediatrics, Surgery: (general, head and neck, thyroid,) Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, GYO, General Medicine etc.

Evaluated in top 5%, 2003, 2004, 2005 of 9000 University employees.2002-2012- I was the most prolific and productive pharmacist.


MOUNT SINAI MEDICAL CENTER, Miami Beach, Florida, February 1985 to

March 2002: Pharmacist: Pharmacy Staff Development Coordinator. Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, (Miami), University of Florida Mr. Jack Cronk Director,1984-1987; Mr. Keith Mears, Acting Director 1987-2002 full time; evaluated in the top 5% (9/1984 to 2/1985 part time; 2/1985-3/2002 fulltime

Professional Services: Drs. Agaston (South Beach Diet), Lamas ( now at

University of Miami, Williams (Open Heart Surgeon now at University of

Miami), Slavin, Rasken, Chan, Sendeschew


Over 17 years, I generated $1.5 billion in revenues and $60 million in cost savings. The impact of my work as a Staff Development Coordinator was highlighted in the Miami Beach SunPost. 1993. With numerous papers and presentation at State and National conventions.