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Donna Tillery

Dr. Donna Alexis Tillery, B.S., Pharm. D., R.Ph., PhC-NPI Certified          

CEO/Executive Director/Pharmacist Clinician: “I am a Florida licensed pharmacist with over 35 years of research, retail, and hospital experience. What makes me unique is being inquisitive, tenacious and relentless in finding solutions to problems. My goal is to provide consistently high quality patient care by accurate assessments of patients’ therapy, while becoming an awareness resource to healthcare workers. I look forward to helping you towards a healthier life!”

Travis Jarreau Tillery, B.A. Economics/CCN-NPI Certified 
 Travis Tillery           

CFO/Health Educator/Music Therapist: ”For the last 21 years (since Hurricane Andrew), I have been responsible for, and dedicated to, all my community outreach programs. My courses in Economics dealt with healthcare costs in many areas: FDA approval of New Drugs and the high pricing to offset research costs, Approval processes for Generic Drugs,and Healthcare-Plan costs: Co-pay, Deductibles. Group insurance,etc. As a Music Specialist, I have inspired many with the great power of music to motivate, energize, and change many minds for the better.”

 Tillery Pharmacy

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WORKPLACE SAFETY: total economic impact of occupational accidents was estimated to be more than $215 billion in 2008

Monitored by:The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Hazard (NIOSH)/Occupational Safety and Hazard (OSHA)/Center for Disease Control (CDC): Ergonomics, Confined Spaces (Oxygen-Poor), 

8 million people were exposed to chemicals & toxins: chemo, anti-virals, hormones, bio-engineered products, methylene chloride, etc. Out of the 8 million, 4 million suffer allergies, Adverse reactions

In 2007: 4 million people in the U.S. (above the age of 18) suffered a work-realted injury  

  •            2.4 million people under the age of 18 had a work-related injury
  •            40,000 people died from work-related injury
  •            200 people are hospitalized from a work -related injury each day
  •            22 million had people hearing loss from noise, lead, arsenic, and mercury

Other considerations: age, gender, play a role in overall workplace injury

Organs affected: Spine, hands, head, lungs, eyes (vision loss), and musculo-skeleton: DNA mutations.


MEDICATION ERRORS (total costs of medication errors in the United States of $19.5 billion during the year 2008)

1/2012: Office of the Inspector General: “Most errors are not reported & process improvement are seldom done”

It is monitored by the Institute Of Medicine (IOM)/The Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ)

1in 10 medical orders; 1 in 5 families

1 million injures related to medication error were reported  

Of the 1 million injuries reported, 98,000 were preventable (workspace distractions, workload distributions,

400,000 injures related to medication error were also drug related

A medication error is also called a system error


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